29 Oct

There are times when we simply feel that we are overburdened yet we continue to try and defend the people up there since we consider them our friends. People we should respect as they got the position for a reason. However, we have our limits and it naturally causes us to breakdown.

We attempt to leave and just get on with our lives. Find the greener pastures. Yet we hold back thinking that things CAN still change.

So how do we know if it is time to leave because of our superiors? Here are some tips I received in my email from Marc Cenedella

1. When he blames you for his failures – is he Shouldering the blame and healing wounds?

2. When he’s focused on his own success — to your detriment – When the boss’ success — his job, his awards, his glory — come first, second and third, you need to realize that he’s decided where his interests lie…

3. When he’s got no new ideas – You’ve tried to get him to see the light, but he’s stuck doing the same old things. And they’re still not working. 
If he’s in a rut, a rut, a rut, a rut, a rut — you get the idea — that means that your career trajectory is stuck right behind his.

4. When things aren’t getting better –  is when things haven’t improved, despite his promises. The big accounts aren’t coming through, the new products fizzle, the big hires that he trumpets end up being Jokers, not Aces in the hole.

5. When he’s lost the confidence of others –  a few years of missed budgets, too many quarters of failed promises, too many weekly staff meetings that depressed rather than inspired you, it might be time to look around and realize that your boss has lost the confidence of others beside you. 
If his peers are turning on him, his team members have lost the faith, and customers feel they just can’t rely on him anymore, it’s time for you to quit being a suffering martyr to the cause.

Sometimes it is no longer healthy or productive, rather everyday becomes counter productive. Maybe it is time to finally fire your boss.

Firing The Boss

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