Life’s Lessons

01 Sep

2012, a year of complete breakdown, a run of ups and downs. Over the past few months, lessons were taught but still so much to learn and apply.

Life’s lesson 82: You know there is something when there is this chemistry/connection everytime you kiss.

Life’s lesson 81: Not being like the rest makes you the best.

Life’s lesson 80: Less talk, less mistakes. More actions, more accomplishments.

Life’s lesson 79: No matter how many training you attend or courses you finish, if you can’t apply them, they are rendered useless.

Life’s lesson 78: Sometimes you have to look away from the uniform and association to make things right regardless of the pain.

Life’s lesson 77: That even when you are in the darkness you can step into the light. #Fringe

Life’s lesson 76: When doors of opportunity open you need not get in all the time.

Life’s lesson 75: One must not fail in forgiving oneself to be able to forgive others.

Life’s lesson 74: You don’t have to tell everyone you are strong. Just know that you are.

Life’s lesson 73: The world is unfair, and in its unfairness you can become stronger. This too shall pass

Life’s lesson 72: Position does not show how much you have matured, it is how you act when you have a position that defines you.

Life’s lesson 71: To be happy, learn to forgive yourself. Then celebrate life as guilt-free as you can.

Life’s lesson 70: It is #ironic when unsolicited advises are given by the person who actually needs it.

Life’s lesson 69: You don’t have to be glad for the good things that happen to others. But you don’t need to rain on their parades either.

Life’s lesson 68: No one is perfect, but man was given the freedom to decide on what is right, not just what is good.

Life’s lesson 67: To fail is inevitable. That’s when we learn but don’t fail too long.

Life’s lesson 66: When all else fails, have a cup of your favorite concoction, may it be coffee or tea.

Life’s lesson 65: If you feel like crying, cry. Don’t stop the tears from falling.

Life’s lesson 64: Drastic change is painful especially when your car is not running.

Life’s lesson 63: I am not perfect. And so are you.

Life’s lesson 62: There is no end to what you can do.

Life’s lesson 61: Work as if you do not need money. Spend like you do not have any.

Life’s lesson 60: When faced with decisions about what we want and what has to be done, we will always lose someone we care about.#realpain

Life’s lesson 59: If he makes excuses about you meeting his parents, #ditch the bastard. You are wasting your time.

Life’s lesson 58: Not because you can get away with the wrongs you do it means your smart.

Life’s lesson 57: Failure remains to be a failure of you refuse to stand up, hold your head up high, and apply what you learned.

Life’s lesson 56: Don’t use so-called diligence because politics, power trippin’ & poor leadership spells disastrous & mediocre outcomes.

Life’s lesson 55: “Life is about making mistakes; and that makes you wishing you’ve done a whole lot more.” -The Bounty Hunter

Life’s lesson 54: If you are not afraid and understands the consequences of your actions, then you are truly blessed.

Life’s lesson 53: I am stuck up, crazy bitch

Life’s lesson 52: Find courage in adversity and pain.

Life’s lesson 51: The heart misguides the mind. One needs to be strong to course-correct.

Life’s lesson 50: the most remarkable memories are not found on pictures but those small things that make our hearts intensely emotional.

Life’s lesson 49: I’ve allowed the skies to rain on my parade for so long. Now I carry an umbrella.

Life’a lesson 48: “Expecting is my favorite crime and disappointment is my greatest punishment”

Life’s lesson 47: We are all alone in our own little heads.

Life’s lesson 46: A woman married to her job rarely find a man who supports her. Women devoted to their men scares men away. Stay SINGLE

Life’s lesson 45: A guy who’d rather be bitchin’ than changing his kids’ diapers is an irresponsible prick claiming he’d no choice.

Life’s lesson 44: stop the “taking all the credit and passing all the blame” attitude.

Life’s lesson 43: Do as many crazy things you can while you’re young but be careful. Enjoy your childhood to be a responsible adult.

Life’s lesson 42: We all wanna be heroes for the broken, but it is never good to try fixin’ ’em.

Life’s lesson 41: Anger, no matter how natural it is, when kept alive, perverts the soul.

Life’s lesson 40: Choose the right people to talk to, and the right people for the job.

Life’s lesson 39: Success these days is measured by Popularity; no longer by Merit through Diligence.

Life’s lesson 38: There is a thin line between a movie critic and a spoiler.

Life’s lesson 37: Think outside the box. You’ll be effective that way. (edit: + think there is no box)

Life’s lesson 36: Being nice does not make you a leader. It makes you a mediocre.

Life’s lesson 35: I’d rather be thought crazy because of my virtue than be loved by following the mob.

Life’s lesson 34: “So, what now?” – one of the most difficult question to answer if you decide due to emotions

Life’s lesson 34: overheard during 1 dinner – if u intend 2 cheat consider 3 things – time, money and health

Life’s lesson 33: Believe in your gut. It knows more than your emotion. (I still do and mine has never failed me yet)

Life’s lesson 32: I am not perfect but I am more than enough – chanting this w/o proper action, people will mock you

Life’s lesson 31: Stay in the pool to avoid getting drunk

Life’s lesson 30: If you’re always playing the underdog card to get your way up, you’ll end up stuck where you’re at.

Life’s lesson 29: No, they do not change.

Life’s lesson 28: Beautiful & blessed is an individual who does not destroy friendship to gain the interest of a friend’s partner. -Respect for relationships

Life’s lesson 27: Being smart is an asset. Being a smart-ass is annoying. “Hello?!?”

Life’s lesson 26: Use the handset/headset when on the phone.

Life’s lesson 25: Trying is not doing the same thing over and over and wondering why the results do not change.

Life’s lesson 24: Starting over is good only if you do not make the same mistake.

Life’s lesson 23: No matter what they say, be the best that you can be. Mediocrity will take its toll one way or another.

Life’s lesson 22: Walk on through every storm allowing every drop to engulf you because it will eventually pass and the flowers will grow.

Life’s lesson 21: This is a world of “things” not humanity. User-friendly people compose 80% of the population…

Life’s lesson 20: Control your spending and eating habits, you’ll be richer. (Not applied)

Life’s lesson 19: Being drunk can win you the best cousin award!

Life’s lesson 18: Listen instead of just getting upset.

Life’s lesson 17: Live a crazy and honest life, and grow in strength by turning opportunities to gold!

Life’s lesson 16: 5P’s – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance #getrealphilippines

Life’s lesson 15: Looking back allows you to realize your mistakes to course-correct and get on the right path.

Life’s lesson 14: Always take a nap before hitting the city traffic. It is safer.

Life’s lesson 13: Be BETTER than yesterday.

Life’s lesson 12: In the end, you find unconditional love in your home. Love your parents and siblings.

Life’s lesson 11: Live a life of confidence and applying lessons.

Life’s lesson 10: Value your people and take care of those who provide added value to your group. Keep them motivated.

Life’s lesson 9: They say you’re full of yourself? Better than undervaluing yourself by being with people who think that way about you.

Life’s lesson 8: Originality is Creativity at its BEST.

Life’s lesson 7: Common sense is expensive due to high demand and low supply. Result? STUPID infested society.

Life’s lesson 6: Even the best of friendships cannot survive the attack of a SLUT.

Life’s lesson 5: Do not trust weak people. They almost always feel entitled and justified when they do something wrong.

Life’s lesson 4: Trust is most essential in relationships.

Life’s lesson 3: You are unique-just like everyone else.

Life’s lesson 2: Nothing is ever enough as long as one lives. Wanting ends in death.

Life’s lesson 1: Avoid working with cutthroat bitches.

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