To you, My Future Friend

03 Apr

I beg you not to trust me. I tend to disappoint as I am stubborn and easily angered.
Please do not think of me as a child of good character.
My flaws are exceedingly unladylike.
Do not ask me to let you in my life just because you want to be part of it.
If you leave, you will break me into pieces.
Please do not say you will forever stay. We eventually will have to part ways.
Do not like me for my smiles and laughter.
My tears, sorrows and anger defines the real me.
Please do not ask me to care for you, because when I start doing so, I give it my all.
Look beyond my anger. I am really in pain.
Try not to come to close. I am a woman of territory and jealousy.
And finally, never ask me to love you. I am vulnerable inside.

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Posted by on 2012-04-03 in Life's Lessons


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