On Destroying Lives for Happiness

13 Feb

“Some of God’s blessings arrive by shattering everything around”

For some, they would say that holding on, being patient, understanding and loving is the best way to achieve happiness. Letting go of self-dignity and pride would lead to harmony. Happiness should be our lifetime goal.

In life, we find people we can relate with for awhile. But as humans, our selfish tendencies will kick in. We have our own desires.  Wants that will not compliment the want of the other. Arguments will arise. We again try to compromise and make things work. And eventually relationships die. Our perfect little homes shattered. We are left bitter and angry. Hateful towards the other. At night we wonder why it has to happen. Why do beautiful stories end? Why do we hurt and get hurt? Why do we say stupid things when we are mad? How can we allow pain be the reason for everything to go to waste? Why when what we only wanted was for them to be happy? Why are we left crying when we tried?

We are constantly embittered by these fall outs because we do not want to accept that happiness has a price if we try to claim it through the acceptance and happiness of others. However, we need to destroy chapters of our lives to find that there is more to life than just hoping and wishing people will understand and appreciate what we do for them. Letting go and sometimes being abrasive towards others are not the best way but may be necessary for us to be forced to continue living our OWN lives.

As social beings we constantly interact with various people of different cultures, background and beliefs. We compromise to maintain peace. Most of the time, we give too much to a point we do not spare anything for ourselves. Self-sacrifice. That is what each and everyone of us was brought up to do. Happiness not for ourselves but for those we hold dear. We destroy our lives to keep those we love. We destroy our dreams to live the dreams of others. But what has it really done for us? For YOU? Like a sponge we absorbed every burden just so we can make another happy. Ask yourself: Am I truly happy? Was the sacrifice worth my self-worth?

We need to remember that everything has an end. The once beautiful beginnings, challenging in between, dramatic climax do come to nothingness. People come and go, and that is a fact of life. Loved ones leave this lonely planet, friends go on separate ways, love dies eventually among lovers. The end is always painful. The change is always unwelcome.

But, the empty pages of our lives do not stop turning even if we decide to waste our time mopping and hoping for the fruit to just fall off the tree. Time does not stop for us. Our individual stories go on.

And yes, we are alone and will always be alone in this journey. The people we meet to love, care for, and even hurt are just lessons to be learned. They will be missed, and when we look back every once in awhile to see how far we’ve gone, it may bring smiles, tears or pangs of regret. Just be thankful it happened.

Pain happens for a reason. Anger was placed by the Almighty for a reason. We may not see it now, but believe that in every emotion a path to your Nirvana opens.

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